Depressed And Sick, A Grandfather’s Life Is Completely Transformed By …

Akiko Dupont is the name of a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.

She currently works at Documentary Photography and currently lives with her 94-year-old grandfather, Jiji.

Jiji was, at one time, an abled bodied worker. However, back in 2009 his health took a terrible turn for the worse, and he was mostly confined to his home. He wasn’t able to commute to work anymore and Jiji fell into a depression.

“The once outgoing man gradually lost his interest in life and became grumpier than ever. It was around that time that I brought Kinako to live with us,” Akiko went on to share with Bored Panda.

“An extraordinary friendship gradually grew between the two. Who would have thought that a timid kitten would befriend a grumpy old man! The border between human and animal melts, just as shy Kinako melted Jiji’s heart.”


Check out all of the beautiful moments captured below.

Jiji now has a completely renewed love for life, and that’s all thanks to Kinako the cat.

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