Cat With a Swollen Mouth Literally Walked Up to People in a Restaurant Begging For …

It appears that Bobo, who is an orange cat rescued by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, intuitively knew he needed help and seeking out a kind human would be the best way to get it. The adorable stray walked up to people sitting outside a restaurant, greeting them all until he finally got the medical attention he so smartly sought.

The cat sadly had large sores on his lips and mouth, but luckily the rescue team got to him as soon as possible to find out what his condition was and to help him.

The rescuers initially feared that the sores on Bobo’s mouth were cancerous tumors, however, it turned out that they were the results of a really bad allergy!

Once his tests all came back, Bobo was then put on needed medicine and his swelling has been going down.

Today, he is feeling much better and has just moved into his foster home.

Bobo is actually quite a self-starter and he anxiously waiting for his forever home and the perfect person to be his new best friend.

Photo credits: Stray Rescue of St. Louis/