A Man Asks His Girlfriend to Choose Between Him or Her Cats!

Moving in with a partner is a huge step for all parties involved. If everyone is not on the same page about the basics, things can fall apart pretty quickly. For example, a woman who recently moved in with her boyfriend in the UK was asked to get rid of her 3 cats after a year, which left her shocked.

After a year of living together, the boyfriend asked her to get rid of the cats as he couldn’t stand them in the house anymore. The cats were rescued from an animal shelter and their mum knew leaving them is not an option. She says her boyfriend told her she uses animals as a substitute for love – it’s the moment she knew everything went sideways.

She explained to him that it’s not like that, but he kept insisting. Not knowing what to do, she consulted a parenting forum. Her post was an instant hit – she got over 600 replies in just a few hours. Everyone was disgusted by the boyfriend’s behavior and some insisted she break things off.

Everyone was outraged that he asked her to choose between her cats and him. It spoke volumes about his character and we hope she made the right thing and dumped him.