As It Turns Out, Not Only Men Love Kelvin Klein’s Obsession – Big Cats Love It Too!

We love Calvin Klein’s fragrances – heck, we personally are in love with some of them. However, it seems that one of the company’s all-time hits, Obsession, is a favorite of cats as well. You read that right, cats. In fact, big cats.

A recent research in a German zoo showed that big cats love Kelvin Klein’s Obsession. After spraying it on rocks, jaguars and cheetahs cuddled against them and took long sniffs. You know, similar in the way we react to our favorite perfume.

A Wall Street Journal report on the experiment, it’s a kind of a secret trade among zookeepers in order to keep the cats curious and active. And, it only works with Calvin Klein’s Obsession – other perfumes from Revlon, Nina Ricci or Estee Lauder didn’t have the same effect. The experiment was performed in a Guatemalan jungle, where scientists sprayed the perfume on rags in front of motion-sensing cameras. The effects were similar, but the perfume is pretty expensive for wild-life researchers.

Ann Gottlieb, a famous perfume maker, says that the combination of vanilla with green notes makes the perfume really tense. Additionally, Obsession’s “animal” notes such as civet give it a bit of sex appeal, making it highly attractive for cats. And men, obviously.