Catnip Isn’t the Only Plant to Get Your Cat High

We’re all aware about the effect catnip has on cats. It’s like a drug that they can’t stop enjoying. Cats love nip, and their owners love watching them nip out. However, not all cats get the high off the fragrant herb – some just don’t experience a reaction.

Good news for the nip-immune cats – science has found out that there are other plants with the same effect. If your cat doesn’t react to catnip, you can try your luck with Tatarian honeysuckle, valerian root, and silver vine.

Studies have found out that cats react to an active compound called nepectalone which all these plants have, just like catnip. It’s a terpene found in many plants which also gives marijuana the characteristic funk. Whenever cats get a whiff of this aromatic compounds, they lose their minds.

If your cat is nip-immune, you can try with valerian root. It should have the same effect for your cat to freak out. Most cast will react stronger to silver vine than Tatarian honeysuckle or valerian root. It’s best to try all three on your nip-tolerant cat and see which flavor they love the most.