Puppy Calls a Bigger Dog for Protection From Grouchy Cat

This cute video will certainly make your day. It’s a hilarious moment in which a small pupper calls for help from a bigger dog after being ‘attacked’ by a cat. The 4-month old Cavapoo Louie thought that he can win a fight against the family cat, but this was a bite much bigger than he can chew. Louie was stopped by Marvin the cat on his way to the bathroom, with the cat smacking the poor dog on his head.

Louie immediately realized he couldn’t win this fight alone. He instantly called for help from his bigger buddy Leela, a 1-year old pitbull that did the job well. As soon as Leela arrived, the cat retreated, so it’s clear that Louie made the right call.

Hey, we all need friends in situations like this – no shame in calling for help.