WonderMeow Will Track Your Cat’s Entire Day While You’re Away

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — What does your cat do when you’re not at home or around? Is it only an outdoor cat that goes on adventures? Wondermento’s latest tracker, the WonderMeow, will tell the entire story of your cat’s day while you’re away.

Does it tear up the couch when you’re not there to see?

Wondermento does has some experience in the pet tracker field: it makes the WonderWoof for dogs. However, the company made some exciting changes to its new, feline-specific tracker.

WonderMeow will debut in Q4 of 2018 for $159, which is a bit more expensive than the version for canines. Wondermento tells us this is because of brand new components in the tracker, including a camera.

That camera takes photos throughout the day and uses its software to detect only the most in-focus photos to show you, effectively giving you a view of a day in your cat’s independent life. Photos will come with “commentary” which reads as if it’s coming from your cat.

The WonderMeow looks quite similar to the WonderWoof — it’s a bow tie-like gadget that clips to your pet’s collar, but the WonderMeow features the new camera located in its center. It will also come in a new series of colors.

The company is aiming for a full week of battery life, so you can simply leave the tracker attached to your cat and not have to worry about it most of the time.

The device will be IP67 rated so that it can take a plunge in up to 3 feet of water for about half-an-hour withstanding any damage, which is great for adventurous outdoor cats who might end up in puddles or the rain.