Cats in Minecraft – How to Tame and Make Them Your Pet

A Guide to Cats in Minecraft

Cats are here, cats are there, cats are literally anywhere including Minecraft. That’s right – the Internet is obsessed with cats and as it seems, so is the video game industry these days. One of the biggest games of all time, Minecraft, has introduced cats to its budding world as tameable and passive mobs in villages.

What would a world building sim be without felines? Cats in Minecraft has very well deserved their place since we can’t imagine any world without them. The furballs can be tamed and bred, but you also must not forget to feed them.

Where Can I Find Cats in Minecraft?

In most cases, cats spawn in villages. In order for that to happen, there should be at least one villager and four beds there. You can tame them and take them as your pet. Besides keeping you company, cats in Minecraft hiss at phantoms and can look through the invisibility effect. They are also immune to fall damage and can float in water. Pretty neat, right?

Restoring your beloved feline buddy’s health in Minecraft is done by feeding them. Unlike tamed wolves, the tail of a cat does not indicate its health.

How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

Now we’re talking! Taming the critters is actually easy and not that different from taming them in real life. All you need to do is offer some food. Go fishing and get a nice piece of cod or salmon, then find a cat and feed it fish. Once a heart appears, you’ve tamed it. Congrats – now you have a pet in Minecraft.

This is the first step before creating a cat kingdom in the world of Minecraft. Of course, to do this, you must breed them first. You wouldn’t like a kingdom of strays, right? Who will catch so much fish?

If you can’t find a cat anywhere, which would be strange, you’re welcome to summon a cat using a cheat code. It’s lame, but at least you’ll own a cat.

How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

How to Breed Cats in Minecraft

Breeding cats in Minecraft is a bit more different than in real life which is to be expected. To breed, cats need to enter love mode. This is done by feeding tamed cats raw fish – the critters prefer cod or salmon. Once they eat a piece of uncooked fish, they will enter love mode and produce an offspring – a cute, yet blocky new kitten [1].

Once your cat family has grown, you can slowly accelerate the kitten’s growth by giving it uncooked salmon or cod. Its growth time is reduced by 10% every time it eats a fish.

In terms of its fur, the kitten has the coloring the owner of one of the parents. In order to breed, a cat has to be mobile. It can breed with a sitting cat, but two sitting cats can’t breed. Oh, and before we forget, cats need to be close in order to breed, so make sure they don’t escape. Just like real life cats, cats in Minecraft are tricky so it might be a good idea to put a fence around the ‘love zone’ if you want to see a kitten soon.

What Do Cats Eat in Minecraft?

Before you feed your cats in Minecraft, you need to learn how to make pet food first.

Making Pet Food in Minecraft

This is easily done by placing raw fish or pork on a crafting grid. You’ll also need to make a cat bed which comes with a food dish. A cat bed required six planks, an iron ingot, and wool. Not exactly like in real life, but close.

As soon as your cat bed is created, just click on it with cat food and you’ll hear the bowl sound that indicates it is full. Your cat can now enjoy some pork or fish in peace.

Cat Gifts in Minecraft

Surprisingly, your pet cats can bring you gifts in Minecraft. Not like a dead mouse or bird or anything, but in the form of essential material you need to progress in the game.

In order for cats in Minecraft to ‘turn’ generous, you’ll need one to sleep besides you. When you wake up, so will your pet. There’s a 70% chance that the cat can provide you with a gift at this point, but not if you slept through a thunderstorm during the daytime.

The gifts include a string of wool, rabbit hide, rabbit’s foot, feather, raw chicken, or just because cats are a**holes, rotten flesh. Go figure.