14 Kitty ‘Reactions’ To First Times Doing Stuff!

First times doing just about anything for the first time in our lives can be unforgettable.

Everything from the first time we tried to swim, ride a bike, see a movie, play in the snow – these memories are etched in our spirits forever!

For our kitties, the first times have never been so adorable.

1. Kittens meeting their brand new living play toy

2. Cat playing in the snow for the first time

3. Cats meeting the vacuum cleaner

4. They forgot to tell the cat about the new tiny human in the house

5. Kiwi’s very first time outside

6. Cat seeing the Christmas tree for the first time

7. Foster kitten seeing that big old sun for the first time!

8. Jonesy’s first time playing in the snow

9. Cat’s reaction to a ceiling fan

10. Cat doing this for the first time

11. Kitty seeing snow falling outside a window

12. Indoor cat adjusting to being outside

13. The first time kitty decides to jump into the fridge – and makes it in!

14. Cat realizing the entire world is listening!

Via: www.boredpanda.com