Cat’s Reaction To Her Own Photo Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen!

We sometimes forget that our pets see the world in a very different way than we humans do. Something that may seem completely harmless to us, like a vacuum, may seem like a terrifying intruder to our furry friends. And no one demonstrates this better than this cat and her owner in the video clip below.

What probably seemed like a harmless gesture of showing the cat a picture of herself turns into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

This little girl decided to play what should thought would be a simple prank on her cat, Mittens, by showing her a picture of herself. She knew Mittens might be a bit confused, but she never expected this reaction.


Before she knew it, Mittens was jumping around in crazy ways she’d never seen, and that wasn’t all.

And so, the girl decided to film the whole encounter, which became a little more disturbing with each passing second.

Hopefully, Mittens was cuddled and reassured that everything was going to be OK after her owners stopped filming!