Kitty Tries to Get a Birdie. Biggest Fail You Can Imagine! – VIDEO!

Animals who don’t understand the concept of glass can never fail to amuse.

And this cat leaping at a window and the bird flying around behind it is no exception.

The tiny bird can be seen hopping from a leafy tree right onto the window frame outside a house.

It is happily minding its own business as it tweets away when suddenly from the left of the room, a large, black cat inside the building launches itself at the glass in an attempt to catch the creature.

There is a huge slam as the pet knocks itself against the window before crashing into the blinds.

Hilariously, the cat then loses its footing and slips to the floor with a tremendous clatter.

The kitty’s owner can be heard quietly chuckling as she films the cat’s antics.

One imagines the bird probably looking back in and laughing triumphantly to itself at the cat’s utter fail.

It is not clear where this video was shot.