Meet Muppet! The Cat with a Handlebar Mustache. Here’s the kicker … She’s a Girl!

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – Muppet the black and white cat is becoming the latest internet sensation with her distinctive facial markings that make her look like a Victorian melodrama villain.

Her owner Leann Schwartz says most people are so taken by Muppet’s mustache that they often ask if it is real because it looks like the work of a skilled make-up artist.

1-minWhile the facial markings are quite natural, Muppet’s choice of clothing is straight from the designer wardrobe.

Social media pictures of the Muppet show her dressing up for an array of occasions. Recent images for St Patrick’s Day show her in a leprechaun costume as well as Where’s Wally and “Caturday Night Fever.

Dressing up for St Patrick's day

Dressing up for St Patrick’s day

Leann, 40, from British Columbia, Canada, says that Muppet, who will be two years old next month, was once a feral kitten and that she hopes the pet can become the face of positive publicity for shelters and rescue organisations.

She said: “In a cat sense, it’s a rags to riches story for her. “I don’t know where she would be if I hadn’t found her, dirty, starving and alone.”

“She is the epitome of what the power of love can do.”

Muppet showing off her one of her top hats

Muppet showing off her one of her top hats

Muppet displays a glorious tiara

Muppet displays a glorious tiara

“Her social media accounts have had so many people comment that they love her so much, she makes their day, and so on.”

“It’s wonderful to share the happiness and hilarity that surrounds her and have it affect others around the world.”

What a gorgeous kitty. We here at The Best Cat Page wish her the best with her new-found fame!