Family Sees Soaking Wet Creature Clinging To Oysters – And They Leap Into Action When They Realize It’s A Tiny …

One Saturday an animal-loving family was just out for a boat ride in Beaufort County, South Carolina when they caught sight of something that looked like an octopus at the bottom of the McTeer Bridge.

As they approached the post, they soon realized that it was actually a tiny, soaking wet kitten. When the little kitten noticed their boat drawing nearer, he meowed ever so pitifully to be saved.

Port Royal Veterinary Hospital

Robert Gecy and his family began to steer the boat closer to the bridge, where the little kitten was clinging for dear life. He had evidently taken refuge among the oysters, hanging on tightly with his tired paws as the tide rose around him.

“He was clinging to the oysters and I actually thought it was an octopus or bug crab from a distance. I told my son to go see and as we got closer, we saw it was a tiny kitten,” Robert explained to Love Meow.

Robert Gecy / Love Meow

The frightened kitten cried out for help once he realized that this family was coming to his rescue.

“We think someone dropped off a littler on the bridge and he fell through one of the storm drains,” stated Robert. “There was another kitten found on the bridge the same morning.”

They immediately reached out and plucked the little one off of the wall and raced him back to shore.

Now safely in the hands of his rescue family, the little orange fur-ball was taken over to Port Royal Veterinary Hospital, where he was given blood work and chest x-rays.

Robert Gecy / Love Meow

Although he did sustain a few minor scrapes, the little guy was in pretty good shape.

The Gecy family decided to adopt the sweet little ginger baby and decided to name him McTeer, after the bridge he had been rescued from.

Little McTeer got some world-class care before being brought home to start life with his new forever family.

“Beaufort County is fantastic. They paid for all his vet bills and even have a $10 spay and neuter program,” mentioned Robert Gecy.

Robert Gecy / Love Meow

As soon as they took him home, little McTeer snuggled into a cozy spot for some TLC with his new family.

“He is pure love! So cute and full of energy,” writes Robert. Little McTeer loves to purr and snuggle with his humans whenever he has the chance. Perhaps he’s even saying ‘thank you’ in his own, sweet little way?

McTeer absolutely loves to cuddle, but his favorite cozy spot is on Robert’s son’s shoulder.

“He looked up at my son who was sitting cross-legged on the floor next to him, and crawled up in his lap,” Robert said to Love Meow.

Robert Gecy / Love Meow

The family’s 11-year-old rescue cat, whose name is Toby, absolutely adores his new little brother and it clearly shows! Although he acts a bit like an old man, the bigger cat seems to like washing and taking care of his new little brother.

Just two weeks later, McTeer has grown into a social kitten, full of loving cuddles and happy purrs!

Robert Gecy / Love Meow

“He meows all the time! He purrs when you pick him up and cuddle and he likes to sit on your chest up by your face. He is sociable and doesn’t hide when new people come over. He loves people!” concludes Robert Gecy.

Watch the amazing rescue video here: