Centerville Officer Rescues Crying Kittens!

GEORGIA – Passers-by heard the desperate, frantic cries coming from a drainage pipe that runs under a major thoroughfare in Centerville.

These were the calls for help of four tiny kittens could be heard over all of the roaring afternoon traffic Thursday on Margie Drive near its intersection with Watson Boulevard.


Centerville animal control officer Terry Wright got down on his hands and knees and immediately began crawling through the dirt-caked pipe toward the distressed felines. Just about three minutes later, he re-emerged. There, nestled right inside his bright orange work gloves was a fuzzy black kitten.

The Centerville Police Department later shared pictures of Wright and the kitten on its Facebook page. The post garnered thousands of likes and was shared literally hundreds of times.


Wright was off work on Friday, but his boss, who is Police Chief Ronald Rodgers, stated Wright had been with the department for 21 years.

“If a dog gets loose in this community, Terry can tell you who that dog belongs to,” the chief stated. “That’s how much of a relationship he has with a lot of the citizens here in the city. … Terry has such a gentle heart and that job, I think, was designed for him. He and the job are one and the same.”

The kittens ended up being taken to the animal shelter in hopes that someone will adopt them.

Photos are the property of Centerville Police Department, Georgia!