UPDATE: Cops Arrest 16-year-old from London As They Probe Sickening New Cat-kicking Craze!

ENGLAND – A boy of just 16 has been arrested in connection with a sick craze where yobs are filmed kicking cats into the air.

The shocking video which was uploaded to social media shows a young Brit coax a clueless moggy towards him and stroke it on the head.

However, he then steps back and boots the poor pet in the stomach, sending it flying across a driveway.

Disgusted social media users have branded the assailant “scum” and said he should be locked up.

One commented: “This is heartbreaking and disturbing to watch.”

Police in Lewisham, which is in South East London, have arrested a 16-year-old boy on suspicion of animal cruelty after the video was put on Facebook. He was in custody yesterday.

The sister of another boy thought to have kicked the cat declared that it was “probably a joke”.

The video clip has been shared more than a million times on social media with many people actually joking about it.

However, a campaign group, called Pet Abuse UK states it was a “grotesque act of violence which must be faced down by the right-thinking people in society”.

It went on to add: “This is just the latest in a seemingly endless procession of attacks on helpless cats.”

The RSPCA had been made aware of the cruel footage, however, passed all its evidence over to the Met.

It is just one of many sickening videos to go online in recent weeks.

Footage from America shows a cat being kicked like a soccer ball tens of feet into the sky before it lands and runs off. Bystanders can be heard laughing.

Another video clip shows a man again lure a cat towards him before he boots it away and it hits a parked car.

The latest spate of viral videos comes after a five-year-old kid was recorded on CCTV punching and kicking a cat in Greater Manchester earlier this month.