Maru the Cat Calmly Examines Monkeys As They Say Hello Then Steal a Sandal! – VIDEO!

JAPAN – Maru the cat is charming audiences once again with his relaxed demeanour, this time observing a couple of Japanese monkeys who were clearly attempting to steal his owner’s sandal.

The adventures of Maru, the Scottish Fold male cat, continue with this latest video instalment where the feline keeps a close eye on some uninvited guests – a couple of small Japanese macaques.

The video, which is entitled “Japanese macaque and Maru”, gets right into the action with Maru staring out a sliding door window at two monkeys that are only about one meter away.

Maru sits dead-still exuding calmness but his swaying tail tells us deep down he’s probably just a wee little bit excited by the unexpected visitors.

Maru then turns around to his owner as if he’s thinking, “Are these monkeys for real? What are they doing with our sandal?”

The inquisitive monkeys eventually come right up to the sliding door with one of them putting their little monkey paw to the glass pane, right in front of Maru’s face.

Maru is totally cool and barely moves so much as a muscle, except of course for his tail, which continues to swing.

“What do you two guys think you’re doing?” Maru appears to be telling the monkeys with his glare. The monkeys ignore Maru’s death stare and proceed with the theft of the sandal.

To which Maru moves about 1 centimetre forward, as if he’s thinking, “My powers of calmness didn’t work on these guys!”

But wait a second! Maru’s powers do work after all! The monkeys end up dropping the sandal just before they climb the back fence, finally scampering away.

Maru’s ability to ward off would-be thieves solely with the act of a staring contest would have made any watchdog proud!

According to Wikipedia, Maru’s YouTube videos have been viewed over 300 million times as of January 2016. Maru is believed by many to be “the most famous cat on the internet” with its very own website and book.