Champ, the Sole Survivor of Litter Discarded at Roadside, Now Has a Full-Time Job!

UNITED KINGDOM – The only surviving kitten of a litter that was discovered dumped at a service station is now the Animals in Distress rescue centre at Ipplepen.

Champ has by some small miracle survived, although his three brothers and sisters sadly did not, after being taken from their mother at birth and dumped on the side of a road.


Lisa Saunders, who is Cattery Manager at Animals in Distress has nursed Champ day and night since he was born.

Lisa explained, “I have been raising orphan kittens at the Rescue Centre for 20 years, and Champ is the first to survive being taken from his mother so soon after birth. Usually, they don’t make it as they have no immunity, so it is something of a miracle that Champ is here today.”

The litter, when discovered, was driven to Animals in Distress Rescue Centre in Ipplepen by a man who found the kittens while he was filling up his car with petrol.


The kittens were fed and nursed around the clock by the dedicated staff members of Animals in Distress, but they caught an infection, and sadly three of them died at two-weeks old.

Since that time, Champ has gone from strength to strength. He also now has a huge following on Facebook, with supporters who hail from all parts of the globe, and everyday visitors come to the Centre asking to see him!

Champ is a very special little cat and is now the Official Mascot for the Charity.

Champ is now ten-weeks-old and he and Lisa have such a strong bond, that Lisa couldn’t bear to part with him, and has decided to adopt him permanently.

“All of the staff at the Rescue Centre are very happy that we will still get to see Champ, and he will continue to be our mascot. It’s a sad story with a very happy ending.”