Child Writes A Six Page Report To Her Parents About Why They Should Adopt A Cat

Every child has tried to argue their case for a pet.

Some of us may have asked for ponies to be installed in our back gardens. Others might have asked for sausage dogs. Or some simply just wanted a little kitten to play with.

Parents, however, are often notoriously difficult to negotiate with – primarily because they’re obsessed with the question: ‘Who’s going to look after it?’.

For some reason, that seems to kill the entire debate.

If only we’d been a little more like 11-year-old Romesa from San Antonio, who presented her parents with a six-page dossier into why they should adopt a cat.

The report is called ‘Why I would love a cat, benefits of cats and fixing problems,’ she went full on into the very truthful benefits of having a feline friend.

From pointing out that cats can help relieve stress, warn you about seizures, and are also very good for kids…

…to the fact that the ‘Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out because he just knew they were kind and clean animals’.

Romesa went on to say that she’d like a Persian cat because they’re fluffy, however, would be happy with any kitty that needed a good home and wants to get one from a shelter.

‘I just really want a cat because it would just change my life,’ she stated.

Her sister Rimsha posted the essay on Twitter and everyone pretty much agreed that this kid is definitely going places.