Kitten Lands on Woman Out of Nowhere in Office in Florida!

MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA – Quiet, faint meows could be heard at Specialized Medical Inc. in Merritt Island.

Dr. Cathy de Bengson had been working in the office when a patient let out a scream.

“I came out here and she’s jumping up and down. And I said, ‘What happened?’ She said, ‘A cat dropped on my back.'”

Luckily, the kitten made a soft landing on the floor.

Pretty soon, rescuers were able to get the rest of the kittens in a trap, so their mother could safely be caught.

“All this time these kittens were sitting right above my head in the office under the ceiling tile,” Bengson stated. “I had heard some meows, but I thought I was imagining things.

Sara Traylor, who works at Coastal Animal Hospital in Rockledge, arrived to pick up the kittens and their mother.

She says they’ll spend a few days with her and the mother cat will be spayed.

They will then all go to foster homes in hopes of finding permanent ones.