Cops Hunt for Thug Who Threw a Cat and Five Kittens at a Moving Train!

ENGLAND – A dead cat, one dead kitten, and four surviving kittens were found at a foot crossing after a train driver reported spotting a person throw them onto the tracks near Lingwood station, near Norwich, Norfolk.

It is believed the cat had died prior to the incident.

The four kittens were immediately taken to Foxy lodge wildlife rescue, which is in Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth.

Vets treated the fluffy survivors for minor cuts with two already being rehomed.

Police Sergeant Alan Bowell stated: “This was a truly horrendous and shocking incident.

“No animal should ever be subjected to such cruelty.

“Thankfully, not all the kittens were killed during this dreadful ordeal and are being well looked after.”


The person who threw the cats onto the tracks was actually seen by the driver of a train travelling from Norwich to Great Yarmouth, just before 5.20pm on Thursday, September 15.

The RSPCA is urging anyone else who witnesses the incident to contact British Transport Police.