Police Come to the Rescue After Adorable Kitten Literally Stops Traffic on Busy …

Just on Tuesday, traffic got hairy in Arlington, Texas.

Officer Austin Kidd of the Arlington Police Department just so happened to be leaving a burglary investigation when he spotted a motorist stopped on the road trying to flag him down. The officer pulled over to see if he could help, expecting that the driver was experiencing car trouble, reports Dallas News.

The car was just fine; it was what was under it that was the issue. The driver went on to explain to Officer Kidd that a kitten ran under his car while he was stopped at the light and was still somewhere beneath it. Afraid of hurting the confused and innocent cat, the driver then decided to stop his car and try to free the feline.


Caught up in this particular story, Officer Kidd peeked underneath the car and quickly realized the kitten was stuck between one of the vehicle’s rear wheels and the brake rotor. With a bit of assistance from his partner Officer Rob Phillips, who joined the rescue party shortly after Kidd, Officer Kidd then carefully removed the wheel to free the kitten.

Without a word of thanks, the cat quickly immediately scampered back into traffic, eventually hiding under another car stopped at a nearby light. The officers notified the motorist just prior to driving off and got him to stop the car. With the kitten caught under yet another vehicle, the police decided to call animal control to save the curious cat this time and take him to a shelter.

The animal care officer who picked up the pet explained the cat looked slightly malnourished and dehydrated, but appeared to have no serious injuries from his time on the road.

What a terrific rescue!

h/t: people.com