Crafty Kitty Figures Out Ingenious Way to Slip Through Locked Door – VIDEO

A truly remarkable video shows a crafty cat getting through a seemingly locked door in Bangkok.

The skillful feline, whose name is Nomsod, appears shocked there is no cat flap to let her out of the house.

However, that does not seem to phase the dexterous animal which leaps up on to the door as her owner films her on camera.

There appears to be absolutely no way out as Nomsod hangs on the door at the Thai household.

Amazingly, however, the cat pulls open a shutter by the handle to create a tiny gap to crawl through.

Deftly the one-year-old kitty manages to squeeze herself through.

She then scoots down outside ready to start her night-time prowl about the town.

Her skillful tactic must have taken a long time to perfect indeed!

And Nomsod’s training could make her the ultimate cat burglar if she ever decided to go that way!

The cat’s cunning moves were all captured by her owner on April 1.