Cute Kitten Goes Missing And Then Is Discovered – You’ll Never Guess Where!

Good advice: If you ever play Hide-and-Go-Seek with Chanel the kitten, you will probably lose.

Not only is this adorable kitten in this story capable of hiding in the smallest of nooks and crannies, it turns our she is also quite clever for a baby, as her owner Britney Diane recently discovered.

The young kitten went missing just last weekend, and after a frantic hour-long search, her family began to worry.

Luckily, though, the kitty’s grandfather just so happened to need a Kleenex – and found her!

Diane explained to the Dodo that the kitten is a rescue and just over 4 weeks old. Today, with over 661k hearts and 265k retweets on Twitter since April 29, Chanel and her tissue box are well on their way to social media stardom — clearly following in the footsteps of her influencer mama.

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