Dad Films Baby Daughter’s Adorable Morning Routine with Her Tabby Cat!

A YouTube user who goes by just the name ‘Lenny’ discovered that his baby daughter and the family tabby had a special connection. As he went on to explain in the description of the YouTube video, his daughter and the tabby have an adorable, daily morning routine during which they talk back and forth with each other.
The baby is too young to be using real words yet, and so, she babbles little noises at the tabby who seems to be listening attentively and then responding with delicate little murmurs and meows.

The two go on like this for quite a few minutes while Dad captures the whole thing on camera.

Lenny then went on to write in the video’s description, “I have no clue what they talk about, but it is always hilarious. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.”

Is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?