This Gorgeous Cat Helps Running A Salon – And Never Takes A Day Off!

Betty Boo the cat, sadly, learned just how tough life could be when she was just eight weeks old and living on the streets.

Luckily, though, she was found by a kind lady called Chris, who took her to the vets were she was treated and nursed back to health. But the story doesn’t end there, Chris realized that she simply couldn’t leave this her at the vets so when Betty was well enough she returned to the clinic to give this little kitten a forever home.

Before too long at all Betty was an affectionate and very cuddly cat. She absolutely loves the company of humans, especially when she gets the chance to sit on their laps.

When Chris decided to open up a hair salon, Betty decided that she also wanted to be a part of the new venture so every day she went to work with Chris where she welcomed the clients as they arrived and had loads of opportunities to sit on their laps!


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