Man Finds a Cat With Extra Toes in a Shelter and Does Something Incredible

Polydactyl cats are totally awesome because they have extra toes. Instead of having just the customary five toes in front, four toes in back standard, these kitty’s can have any number of toes, making them very unique.


Ernest Hemmingway had a thing for them and polydactyl cats were treasured by sea captains, who believed that these kitties would bring them luck on the high seas. Perhaps that good luck is still at work somehow because having a unique physique was all it took to help to get this fella out of the shelter and into his forever home.


This handsome little guy has seven toes on three paws and six toes on the other. How unique is that?!

It was literally love at first sight when Justin Craig met this special fella. Say farewell to the shelter, you have a home now!

Justin decided to name the cat Phil. Looks like Phil is adjusting quite well to his new home!.

Phil and Justin became the best of friends. Phil is also very good at helping Justin around the office.

With all of these extra toes, the massages Phil’s human gets are awesome!

Besides, who could resist this face?

This playful little fella absolutely loves hanging out with his new dad, and he especially loves giving high fives!

And of course, Phil seems to love all of the attention, and Justin seems happy to get purrs and head bumps on a daily basis.

By opening your home to a shelter pet, you are opening your heart up to all of the love that they bring.

Sometimes the kitties with the quirkiest outside features can end up having the most fun personalities!

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