Design and Build A DIY “Palace” For Your Cat!

Well, cat lovers, if you’re the type of kitty-cat mom or dad who goes to cat yoga classes, it’s time for you to step it up and create a palace for your furry little king or queen. We’re not talking about houses made of paper bags or cardboard boxes lined cheap shaggy carpeting — we’re talking full-on luxury. Make a home where your cat can run through endless rooms, hear the echo of her own meows under high ceilings, luxuriate on plush fabrics and get all cray on high-end scratching posts. It is very important to remember that a *true* palace isn’t complete without self portraits, so don’t forget to adorn the walls with oil paintings of your baby.


Materials + Tools:
— storage crates or cardboard boxes
— decorative fabrics
— cardboard paper tubes
— yarn and rope
— wooden dowels
— spray paint
— hot glue
— stapler
— box cutter
— photos of your cat


Create the base of your palace using storage crates or cardboard boxes. Cut out the sides of the boxes by using a box cutter and attach them all together using staples, hot glue or super glue. Spray paint each room in your new palace colors fit for a queen. Remember to let the palace dry and air out completely prior to bringing it inside. Spray paint fumes are very strong, and you wouldn’t want your cat inhaling them.


Cover cardboard tubes with decorative paper or rope to provide even more ample opportunities for your cat to play in her palace. These poles also offer extra support for the structure, so the more the better!


Comfort is key here, so add in layers of pillows so your cat can lounge around on the, all day every day.

Upgrade the lounging to a level ten with a kitty hammock. Just make sure your supports are firm enough to hold the weight of your cat


You should add tassels to the ceilings of your palace. This will be your cat’s favorite for sure!


And what palace would be complete without proper portraits of your king or queen. Now go ahead and dress the walls with oil paintings or computer printouts of your pet cat.


Direct quote from a kitty named Boots: “I was shocked by all the rooms in my new palace! There were endless opportunities for exploration!”


“When I’m at home in my palace, one of my favorite things to do is re-create the pose that I modeled in my oil painting.”


How amazing is this!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden │Photography: Chris Andre │Model: Boots