Despite Being Attacked By a Dog, This Cat Gives Love To Abandoned Puppy Who Needs A Mom

No one would blame Gertrude the cat if she truly hated dogs for the rest of her life. After all, she was fiercely attacked by them before being rescued in Mexico and taken to Compassion Without Borders in California.

The attack compelled her to go into surgery and she lost her little of unborn kittens to the attack.

So it’s no surprise at all that everyone expected her to dislike or be afraid of dogs.

However, as she recovered, the maternal void within her grew, and that’s when she met Clementine for the first time. Clementine was a little puppy who had sadly been abandoned along with her littermates.

She was the only one who survived and was motherless and completely alone. One day, the clinic manager walked past Gertrude’s cage with Clementine in her arms, and suddenly, the cat nudged forward and begin to chirp.

It was like when a mama cat communicates to her kittens!

She even batted her head against the cage, as though trying to get closer to the puppy.

cat loves puppy

It was just the perfect situation. Gertrude had lost her babies, and Clementine was in desperate need of a mother. The two were introduced to each other, and a magical connection was instant.

The two became quite inseparable, always snuggling while the cat purrs and grooms her baby and the puppy never leaves her side.

The pair was then moved to a foster home to be cared for, and now are waiting for a forever home to take them both in. Despite how rough the puppy can get, Gertrude is endlessly and truly patient and will cry if Clementine isn’t near her.

Likewise, Clementine whines and cries when her surrogate mother is nowhere in sight, also. It’s definitely not the kind of bond you would see every day.

Would you like to give these two sweeties a place in your home? You may contact Compassion Without Borders here to find out how!

Photo/video credits: Compassion Without Borders │ h/t: LoveMeow