Kitten Found on Side of a Road, Alone and Barely Breathing, Until ….

A young woman was riding her bike to work one day and found a kitten laying on the side of the road. The kitten was alone and barely breathing.

“I thought she was dead as she was cold and covered in fly eggs, but then she took a breath!”


“I happened to see her out of the corner of my eye. I stopped and picked her up, and I thought she was dead. She started meowing when I pinched her paw a little to see if I could get a response,” reddit user Old_Donkey_Teeth told Amy of Love Meow.

It was in that moment, she realized there was hope for this wee one after all! She took her home, cleaned her up, gave her a meal and of course, some of what the kitty needed more than anything else … a little bit of TLC!


“The vet said she was 1/3 the normal weight for a kitten her (approximate) age. In short, she had fleas, intestinal worms, maggots that had burrowed into her skin, and she was severely malnourished. This kitty had her work cut out for her.”

This kitten’s rescuer went above and beyond the call by creating a custom-made carrier so she would be able to transport her to and from her job. Of course, being so young, the kitten required 24-care.

“She loved the short ride to her ‘job’ where she ate, slept, and looked cute all day.”


The kitty was named Trinket.


Trinket may have been clinging to life the day she was rescued but now that she was eating, she was eating everything in sight ….


.. and napping every time she got the chance to nap!



“Nowadays she has issues with depth perception and some ‘eccentricities’ (to put it nicely), but she is otherwise very healthy. She is a petite girl weighing in at 4.9 lbs fully grown,” Trinket’s rescuer told Love Meow.



Another life saved!

Photo credits: Old_Donkey_Teeth, reddit.