Oregon Cat Lover and Rapper Puts on Live Show from His Bathtub!

OREGON – Moshow, who was born Dwayne Molock, Portland’s number one cat rapper, recently gave his cat Ravioli a bath on Facebook Live Saturday. Bathing a cat is a challenging task but Moshow took the whole experience to the next level by actually getting into the bathtub and rapping – all while being filmed live on Facebook.

The video has been viewed in upwards of 260,000 times.

Dressed in his classic MSHO hat and a chain, the video features Moshow raps, “I gotta give my cat a bath.”

“Like like like rub a dub dub, gotta give, gotta give my cat a rub,” he sings in the clip, punctuated by a meow from the wet cat who seems relatively calm for a cat in a bathtub.

Over text on Monday morning, Moshow explained that he came up with the rap off the top of his head. “I really did have to give all four of my cats a bath,” he stated. “That happens bi-weekly.”

Moshow recently made a video with the Oregon Humane Society which is called “Adopt a Cat,” in which he hangs out with cats at the Humane Society in Portland and explains, “I love cats. it’s really that basic.”

The Humane Society video, as well as the bathtub video and all of Moshow’s videos, were filmed by his “camera cat lady” and girlfriend who goes by the name @emsee.

You can watch the bathtub video for yourself here:

via www.oregonlive.com