Did Your Cat Run Away? Here’s How To Get Him Back!

Having a cat get lost somewhere outdoors is a terrible experience. You put up fliers, you post on social media, you call local rescues – you do everything you can in hopes of finding your fur baby.

Well, I Iz Cat recently shared a tip that might be the best way into bringing your cat home.


If your indoor cat gets outside and lost, simply put their litter box outside. You cat actually recognize its own scent from up to a mile away and find their way home.

These familiar scents will lure them home. Normally, a lost cat isn’t too lost, meaning they are usually relatively close in the area of your home. They are either too frightened or too disoriented to make their way back.

This is an extremely useful tip that has helped a lot of families reunite with their lost cats.

“THANK YOU to whoever posted the tip about putting the litter box outside for a lost cat. Totally worked and helped our little Olive find her way home today!” theshawnch noted on reddit.