Kitty the Cat Was Rejected From Five Foster Carers But Then …

NEW YORK – Cats are very often seen as graceful creatures known for their ability to land on all-fours.

However, one particulr cat, who goes by the name Kitty, is an exception to that rule.

This frolicsome feline is literally trouble in every sense of the word, and in any one day can get tangled in paper, stuck in a box or somehow wedged between the bed head and the wall.

Kitty’s behavior was so mischievous, in fact, it was deemed too much for her owners.

The poor cat was shunted between five foster carers before one brave owner took pity, stepped up, and adopted her for good.

And much unlike the rest Kitty’s new owner, who lives in New York, saw something special in her that no one else did, and the pair went on to find Instagram fame.

‘Kitty grew up in 5 foster homes, deemed a problem child & no one wanted me,’ her Instagram page, The Kitty The Cat, states.

‘But my mom knew I was just being a kid, besides who wouldn’t love this face.’

The page has attracted more than 29,700 followers who delight in Kitty’s daily antics.

Photos show the black-and-white cat while she’s up to various forms of mischief, including trying to clamber out the window of the apartment or climbing in to a cardboard box.

One hilarious photo features Kitty draped over the headboard of the bed, her back paws on one side and her head on the other.

‘I should have been the kitty in the “hang in there” poster,’ the caption says.

Like most humans, Kitty has a penchant for ‘Caturdays’ and also dreads when the weekend is over.

You will often find her when Monday comes sleeping on the bed, with one caption stating: ‘Oops, I did it again ‪#‎SleptThroughMonday‬‘.

And Kitty simply has no kind of poker face, with her facial expressions often just as hilarious as her daily antics.

‘Does this look like a face that would attack feet, paper towels & leave large presents right after the litter box is cleaned…?
‪#‎IThoughtSoToo‬ ‪#‎InnocentFaceButSoGuilty‬,’ one photo explains.

Many of Kitty’s Instagram followers have expressed their love for the rising star.

‘Kitty cracks me up!! Always BUSY, must keep herself entertained,’ one person stated.

‘I love her and you for giving that awesome kitty a furever home [sic],’ another wrote.