This Special Cat Will Steal Your Heart!

This is Edward!

Edward is a special cat! Little Edward was born over at the Richmond Animal Care and Control. When he went into foster care, he met his foster mom, whose name is Megan Timberlake.

They diagnosed him with a condition called hydrocephalus.



“He struggled a little in the beginning with eating and growing but he got the hang of it.” Megan explained.

“When I saw him, of course, I fell in love with him and took him home. I fostered him for a while to make sure everything was going good and we waited until he was bigger and stronger to get neutered and at that time we noticed he had entropion (which causes the eyelashes to fold inwards) so added to his neuter we had to have that surgery done also.”


The vets fixed his little eyes up with a surgery.


“He is wonderful and very snuggly and doing fine with his hydrocephalus. He is a very lucky kitten and is having no problems with it so far. He is currently on no medications,” Megan told Love Meow.“His personality is wonderful. He is very loving and happy and loves life.””He wants me to hold him when we are watching TV and also snuggle him and scratch his neck.


“He waits for me to come home at night and gets so excited and purrs like crazy when I get home. He comes with me to work sometimes and loves for everyone to hold him and snuggle him,” Megan told stated to Amy of Love Meow.