Distraught Woman Posts Sign to Thank the Person Who Ran Over Her Pet Cat!

HENDERSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA – A North Carolina woman wants drivers in her neighborhood to slow down since her pet cat was recently hit by a vehicle and killed.

WLOS reported that Alex Stilber of Flat Rock recently put up a sign near to her home that reads, “Slow down, thanks for killing my cat. His name was Pete.”

Stilber stated she made the sign after finding her cat dead near the road after being hit by a vehicle. “I had a little meltdown,” she said. “It was not fun to bury him.” The speed limit near her house is 30 and 15 going around the curve. She stated the “blind curve” is dangerous and speeding puts people’s lives in danger.


“Slow down,” she stated. “Simple. You’re saving a few minutes or seconds going to your house, could have been avoided.”