Donald Trump Briefly ‘Follows’ Emergency Kittens on Twitter and People Are Just So Confused!

UNITED STATES – Donald Trump actually but briefly followed Emergency Kittens on Twitter and people are now just so confused!

Usually, President-elect Donald Trump is quite selective in who he follows on Twitter.

He’s only currently following 42 people but the latest account he decided to give attention to maybe, just maybe, gives us all something we can have in common with him. Well, maybe for a few hours anyway.

You’re all familiar with the Emergency Kittens Twitter account, right?

Well, it’s a feed full of cute cats, obviously. And that’s the page Trump followed – before unfollowing very quickly after.

Now, no one knows if Trump had a bit of a moment and it was an accidental follow. Or perhaps all the craziness of 2016 all got too much for him and he needed some respite in the form of kittens.
All of us all been there, no?

Whatever the reason for the follow was, the confused reaction on Twitter is very enjoyable and actually hilarious!