Man Saves Paint-covered Kitten Abandoned in Dumpster!

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – Teal the kitten sure has had a rough first few weeks of life.

Her foster mom, Wendy Hall-Devoti stated she was at Blake’s Lottaburger near Washington and Menaul Saturday when a man frantically rode up to her on a bike.

“He’s wearing this really nice blue shirt and a tie and it’s all covered in blue paint,” explained Hall-Devoti.

Hall then notices a tiny kitten in his hand who was also covered in paint.

“Apparently, when he was riding by on his bicycle, he heard a kitten mewing really loudly from a dumpster and he jumped in and he found this kitten and all the other kittens were dead,” stated Hall-Devoti. “He picked her up and got paint all over his clothes and was trying to find somebody to help.”

Hall recalls she quickly took the paint-covered kitten and went to get some help.

“Her name is Teal and she’s now paint-free but it took about a week,” stated Hall-Devoti.

While rushing to save this poor kitten, she didn’t get any information for the man who rescued her.

“We just started wondering what if he was going to a job interview and he didn’t get the job because he saved this kitten,” stated Hall-Devoti. “Or what if his boss didn’t believe this big tough guy jumped in to save a kitten and he just came to work all covered in paint and he just lost his job.”

Hall now wants to find the man to let him know the kitten he saved is going to be just fine.

“Now we don’t know what happened to him and it was such a good thing to do,” explained Hall-Devoti. “You know when you’re on your way somewhere and you stop to save a kitten in a dumpster.”

Teal will be up for adoption from the Albuquerque Animal Shelter in about three weeks. If interested in adopting her, email

Animal Welfare officials claim this is also kitten season at the shelter. They currently have a special where someone may adopt two kittens six months and under for $50.

People may also help with kitten season by fostering or donating pet items listed at the shelter’s furbaby registry.

We here at The Best Cat Page have serious doubts that the anonymous rescuer found this poor baby in a dumpster at all. More than likely, it appears as though this man may have rescued the kitten from something even more sinister and horrific than a dumpster. Green paint? Again? More like dog bait.

Perhaps this man rescued this kitten from dog fighters, maybe they were even people he knew,

Not stating facts, folks, just speculating, but with very good reason!

Who agrees? Who doesn’t? What are YOUR thoughts?