New Jersey Couple Hoards 100 Cats Inside Small Condo

WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY – An astonishing case of cat hoarding is currently rocking a New Jersey town.

As CBS2’s reported, about 100 animals had to be removed from a small condominium in Woodbridge. Some of the cats were found dead and others were living inside the walls.

Richard and June Dennis stated they never meant for this to happen.

“We love animals, you know. It did become out of control, we’re a little wrong, I admit it,” June Dennis explained.

Hazmat crews and animal control officers ended up removing 35 living cats and seven dead ones as about 40 more remain inside the Dennis’ condo. Officials stated the hoarding situation was much worse than what they first thought.

“There’s a lot of cat urine all over the floors, on the furniture,” Tim Kennedy of the New Jersey SPCA explained. “Cats are up into the rafters. There are pieces of sheet rock that have been removed.”

The agency is claiming they received an anonymous tip last week about the cats. The Dennis’ said the problem started several months ago, but only just recently got out of hand.

“My cousin lived with us. When he died, we tried to keep them going and my husband didn’t realize they were going to multiply this quick,” June Dennis stated

Richard Dennis added, “I was just going crazy taking care of them. I’m in foreclosure, bankruptcy, all my money is spent on cat food.”

This is the fifth animal hoarding situation already just this year in New Jersey. There have been cases in North Bergen, West New York, Howell and also Keyport. There was also an animal hoarding situation which occurred in Bellemore, Long Island.

Warmer weather is apparently a key factor in animal hoarding.

“The heat takes over and you can certainly smell the presence of cat urine,” Kennedy stated.

There has been no word yet if the couple will face any criminal charges.