Don’t Let Your Cat Play with Lilies – They Could Kill Her!

Many kitten owners allow their cats to play with flowers and plants. It’s cute, makes for great pictures for the gram, and everyone likes seeing the reactions of the kitties. And, while most flowers won’t do anything to your cat, lilies can actually kill it!

Just ask Lindsey Warnock, a cat mom who recently almost learned that the hard way. Her cat, Willow, played with lilies in Lindsey’s office one day which left a pollen stain on her fur. Lindsey was initially concerned about getting them out so she went online to learn more on how to do it. She was shocked to learn that lilies can kill adult cats!

Even something as simple as cleaning the pollen out of your cat’s fur can be devastating for your pet. Shocked to learn that, Lindsey rushed Willow to a vet and luckily, everything turned out great.

The vet told Lindsey that all parts of the flower including the stem can kill an adult cat within hours if they ingest it. Luckily, Willow didn’t eat anything, but even the pollen from lilies can harm cats. Cats with lily toxins will first become lethargic and depressed before the onset of other symptoms which include abdominal pain, weakness, and even seizures. In order for a cat to survive, treatment must be administered in six hours or less.

So, even if your cat looks great next to flowers for the gram, make sure it’s not sitting next to lilies. If you notice your cat behaving strangely after being close to the flower, take it to the vet ASAP!