This Cat is the Pure Definition of Chimerism

We’ve all seen pics of cats with different fur colors but none is as cute as this one. A cat from Thailand recently became an Internet sensation after pics of its unusual appearance made the rounds online. Called simply Cat, the feline has a rather unique two-colored face. Half of it gray and half of it is white which is a perfect case of the so-called chimerism.

A rare genetic occurrence where an individual is made of cells from two different eggs, the Thai furball is as unique as it gets. Its uniqueness goes well beyond the appearance. Apparently, Cat’s favorite food is toilet paper and her best friend is a cockroach.

Cat was born in 2018 in Thailand and has Persian and Scottish genes. As the owner says, she looks just like Batman’s eternal enemy Two-Face. We couldn’t agree more, yet we rate Cat a bit cuter than the DC Comics villain.

As you can see from the pics, Cat loves toilet paper a bit too much. Take a look at the perfect Chimera and see Cat in action: