The Inspiring Story of Flipper the Cat!

AUSTRALIA – Flipper the kitten has recently been given a new lease of life.

The cute tuxedo cat’s previous owner had threatened to ‘dispose’ of him because he was born without a radius and was completely unable to walk, but he was rescued by the RSPCA.

However, after months of surgery to fix his legs, Flipper has now found a new lease on life after new owners agreed to care for him.

Veterinarians found that Flipper was born without a radius, meaning he needed to have his limbs splintered to help straighten the bones.

Flipper was finally adopted by a pair of Canberra locals set to give him the ‘loving and supportive home he deserves’, according to a post which was made on the RSPCA Facebook page.

The cat is still very much in the healing process, which entails needing to wear his legs in a cast five days each week until he is fully grown.

His story has melted hearts on social media, with many followers congratulating the RSPCA and Flipper’s new owners on saving the animal’s life.

Best wishes, Flipper!