‘Eagle-Eyed’ Waste Management Worker Saves Newborn Kittens Left in Dumpster!

CALIFORNIA – The Bottle Baby Brigade is currently tending to some incredibly cute new charges.

That would be the official name of the tactical team from the Sacramento SCPA that’s equipped to care for the itty bittiest of kittens — and they have their hands full with six newborn kittens which were found in a dumpster.

Whenever their eyes open and they’re ready to dole out cuddles, this sextet has a one very good Samaritan to thank for giving them a future.

“Luckily, an eagle-eyed waste management worker found them and brought them to us,” the Sacramento SPCA said in a Facebook post which was shared on Tuesday. “They are heading home with two of our veteran members of the bottle baby brigade: vet techs Kari and Tammy!”

The brigade is giving these little ones all the TLC they desperately need.

“The kittens are taking to the bottle well,” a spokesperson said in an email to People Magazine. “Ideally, kittens this young should still be with their mother, so their foster parents are doing their best to stand in!”