Cat Revived by Maryland Firefighter!

MARYLAND – It’s not exactly something you see often at the scene of a fire — a firefighter giving a cat oxygen and saving its life.

A picture posted by the Baltimore City Fire Department Facebook page shows the cat rescue after a fire early Saturday morning.

Crews were successfully able to get the fire under control within 40 minutes.

People who had been living in the home were evacuated and no one was injured.

However, the cat needed some special assistance.

‘You guys are simply the greatest’

“The cat was unconscious when units removed it from the fire and had requested animal control, but our members continued to perform life-saving measures and were able to revive that cat,” explained the Facebook posting.

People were very quick to praise the fire department for its work.

“Emergency care for animals should be the standard, everywhere. Thank you for being an example of compassion,” wrote Deborah Hunter-Sullivan in a comment on Facebook. “You guys are the greatest.

Unconditional all the way,” remarked another posting.

The cause of the fire is still currently under investigation.