Envious Cat Claims Infant’s Birthday Present, So They Found A Way To Settle The Feud!

And so, it seems this particular kitty got a bit jealous of all the grandbaby’s attention… so he claimed the baby’s birthday present!

“My parents’ cat is in an ongoing struggle for attention vs their grandchild. He took it to the next level and claimed her bday present,” hangry_lady commented on reddit.

The grandparents decided to settle it the purrfect way.

“He now has his own $30 children’s chair, just to settle things.”

“So back story on this cat is that he first belonged to my brother who decided to keep him as contraband in his Air Force dorm. After a year or so, the cat was discovered by someone more senior and my brother was forced to give him up to the humane society, heartbroken. He called my parents upset and told them what had happened. Mom and dad, empty nesters, called the humane society and had the cat flown across the country to live with them.”

Dexter eventually did manage to win his way into dad’s heart.

“My dad talks to him all day buys him ridiculous things like his own furniture and all around treats him like a child.”

“This cat is pretty much spoiled to death by my dad and is his closest companion. I’m pretty sure he likes the cat more than most people.”

How adorable!

via loveMeow.com