Newborn Kitten Surprised Family When They Found Her on Porch

Stephanie Penn shared the story with the great people of Love Meow: “I came home around ten one night. I saw a cat I’d never seen before in the front yard.

“I didn’t think much about it as we always have new strays. It was trash day so I brought the bin up to the side of the house. If this hadn’t happened I might not have seen her. She had JUST been born-umbilical cord still attached – but she wasn’t born on the porch.”

We believe her momma had three total, Angel being the runt, knew she couldn’t care for her and brought her up to our porch.”

“Had she wriggled another foot, she’d have been under the furniture and I would never had seen her.” Stephanie fed the little baby and kept her warm all night.

“Hubby was out of the country but coming home the next day. On his way home he got kitten milk, bottles and… get this… little fuzzy mice toys. (as if she could play with them at one day old).”

“We’ve decided to name her Angel. If you look down on her back it looks as if she has angel wings on her shoulders.”

“I would play ‘Beautiful Girl’ by Sarah McLachlan near her box. ‘We’re gonna push on through, pretty girl, Just like we always do, beautiful girl, I know the world can be cruel, pretty girl, You’re gonna make it ’cause you’ve got love on your side’ I know. I’m a sap.”

“I was actually beginning a nine day off stint from work, and hubby usually works from home. I took night shift, he took day shift, and the other six ferals-turned-love bugs watched over her intermittently.”

“At home, we have kits weighing from 6-18 pounds, but little bruiser Angel holds her own and then some. The others are all aware of how tiny she is and they take very good care of her.”

“October 30, 2015 she will be six months. Despite being only four pounds, the vet says she’s puuuuurrrrrfectly healthy.”

“We are especially blessed to have grown her. ‘Little kitty fast kitty, Romp romp romp, Baby kitty teething kitty, Chomp chomp chomp.”

Angel is very much settled into her forever home. If you found a one day old kitten on your porch one morning … what would YOU do?

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