Big Guy Saves Tiny Kitten and Becomes Surrogate ‘Mom’

A big guy discovered a tiny kitten while he was looking at a property. “So I guess I’m a mommy, now,” Oklahoma Hoss said.

He shared his story: “The place just had a hard rain the night before and the ground was muddy. As we’re standing on what I guess is the floor of a deck that was going to be built, she cocks her head to one side and asks me if I heard something. I tell her no, but she’s got much better hearing than I do.

I head back around the side of the house to check on the car and when I come back she’s holding what think is a wet sock.

I get there and see that it’s a baby kitten, barely moving. It’s wet, cold, covered in filth and (later we discovered small maggots while cleaning her up. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that were eating on her, but just on her. Judging by the smell, I’m thinking her mommy and other kitten siblings must have met an unfortunate end before we got there, and had we not, she’d have been quick to follow).

We scooped her up in panic mode, drove to the nearest Kroger and grabbed a can of cat formula and a bottle, (we’ve actually been in this situation before, and the little fighter from before is now a 3 year old gray terror that we love).

We rush the baby home, get the formula in the bottle, warm it up, clean the baby as best we can under a gentle, tepid water spray in the kitchen sink.

I’m a really big guy so my belly makes the perfect warm shelf to put her on. So I bottle fed her while she was there. She didn’t want to take the nipple at all, but lately, with recent feedings, she seems to understand what it’s for and goes for it with gusto.

She/or he is quite a little fighter. She’s eating well, sleeping hard, as is to be expected after the day she had yesterday, and seems to be putting on weight and getting stronger.

The only thing I’ve noticed is what seems to be a birth defect. Her back right foot is much larger than the other, as though it’s swolen or a birth defect. But it doesn’t seem to bother her or slow her down as she tries to climb all over me.”

Every kitty deserves a cat daddy like this one!