Esperanza Only Has Two Legs and One Ear But She Doesn’t Let That Stop Her From Enjoying Life!

There is a word in Portuguese. The word “Esperança,” which means simply – “Hope.”

This is the story of Esperança!


Esperança lives in Brazil where she was rescued by a kind woman there.

Although Esperança has only two legs and one ear, thankfully, it’s not because of some freak accident nor is it the the result of some form of abuse. She was simply born this way!


This beautiful cat is able to do just about everything a cat with four legs can do. She loves to play in boxes, she loves to climb and she is also able to use the litterbox all on her own surprisingly.

Despite a few missing parts, Esperança doesn’t let anything hold her back from living a full life.


What an inspiration! Way to go, Esperança!

Photo credits: Esperança