Family Gives Their Dad With Dementia A Robotic Cat

Dementia is a word that describes the symptoms of an impairment in memory, communication, and also in thinking. People who have dementia aren’t able to control their emotions, and their behaviors can quickly change. This is not an easy condition to live with, not only on those who have it but on friends and other family members. If dementia is not dealt with correctly, it can bring grief.

In the case of Cheryl Yates, she instinctively knew just what to do to manage her 88-year-old dad’s dementia.

Robotic Cat

Cheryl Yates got her with her family in Ontario, Canada to help her father Bob– who had been a cat lover for his entire life. Over the course of time, he had a total of nine cats and absolutely loved each and every one of them. When he fell ill, he missed having kitties very much.

That is just when Cheryl decided to help her cat- loving father. She actually bought him a robotic cat from Ageless Innovation’s Joy For All, which is a company owned by Hasbro.

Robotic Cat 1

“My father loves cats and dogs, especially cats. He was a real cat man and always had cats,” Cheryl commented on Facebook. “For Christmas, we bought him a Joy For All robotic lifelike companion cat in his favorite orange and white tabby color. This kitty is amazing, totally interactive, and responds to petting, human touch, and voice. This robotic cat purrs, meows and licks its paws. It rolls over, blinks, and head butts. My dad LOVES this cat so much. He named his kitty Buddy and my dad is so much happier and calmer and this cat brings him so much comfort and companionship.”

Robotic Cat 2

When you see photographs Cheryl posted on Facebook, you can clearly see just how much the cat means to her dad. He was completely overjoyed with the cute gift and simply couldn’t stop hugging the robotic cat.

“My mother has dementia and she has that cat!” stated Sylvie Schiller on Yates’ post. “It’s even the same color. She LOVES him! She’s had him for 3 years now and although she has gone downhill, if the nurse puts him on her lap and he starts meowing or purring, her face lights up and she gives out a big smile. I would recommend this cat to anyone in a heartbeat.”

Be sure to watch the inspiring video just below: