Modern Cat Furniture Feline Lovers Must Have

Modern Cat Furniture? Does it Really Exist?

Modern cat furniture doesn’t only exist – it has made a splash among feline lovers. We all love our cats beyond death and would do anything for them. This includes buying unique pieces of cat furniture where they can crawl up and enjoy some time off.

We all know how cats love hiding in cozy spots. It’s something of a safe spot for them, not just a place to relax. This means buying unique pieces of furniture to accommodate your felines – some examples include a cat hammock or litter box.

Below you’ll see a list of cat furniture pieces that take things off to a whole new level. These are more than just a cat bed or a shelf – they are modern works of art that will enrich your home. More importantly, your cats will genuinely fall in love with them.

Cat Shelf

Modern Cat Furniture 1

We’ve heard of book shelves, but a shelf that will cover your whole collection and is cat-friendly? Count us in even if it costs a leg and an arm.

Cat Burger Bed

Modern Cat Furniture 2

Remember all those times when you had a cat purrito on your mind (not literally)? Well, it’s not exactly a Mexican recipe, but this piece of cat furniture gives your cat a unique burger bed. Wouldn’t you like to eat it?

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Modern Cat Furniture 3
Does your cat often go on adventures on its own like Indiana Jones? Give the little adventurer extraordinaire a unique bridge and a tiny hat. It probably won’t keep the hat, but the bridge will be put to goo use. See? This one already found a great use.

CATable – the Best Piece of Modern Cat Furniture for Your Feline

Modern Cat Furniture 4
If there’s one piece your cat will be thrilled to have, it’s this one. It’s a table for cats with plenty of holes where they can play while you’re bringing home the bacon. With the CATable, everyone’s happy.

Cat Scratch Board Table

Modern Cat Furniture 5
No, we haven’t forgotten about the scratchy pieces of cat furniture. This board is a great way for your pet to stretch and sharpen its ‘claws’.

Cat Crib Hammock

Modern Cat Furniture 6
Your cat bothering you by sitting in your lap when you watch the game? This cute hammock will let you two stay close but without the hassle. It’s another clever piece of modern cat furniture that can see widespread use.

Cat Tunnel Sofa

Modern cat furniture doesn’t get more innovative than this! It’s a sofa with tunnels for your feline friends. It’s literally fun for the whole family!

Cat Transit Tunnel

Want to help your cats travel with style? This piece of modern cat furniture might not come cheap, but it’ll help them travel in style. Just don’t be spooked by the creepy sounds – you’ll soon learn to ignore them.

Radiator Cat Bed

Cats love warmth and often like to sit on a radiator. But, instead of them cooking their insides, this radiator cat bed will allow them to enjoy the warmth in a safe and convenient piece of modern cat furniture.

Cat House Coffee Table

Take a look at this. This unique table is a godsend for coffee lovers with cats. There’s even a little door that can let them out. How cute!

Pet and Person Rocking Chair

Because why rock yourself when you can rock together with your pet? A simple, yet unique piece of modern cat furniture, it will help you spend hours of time together.

An Overhead Playground for Your Cat

What about this one? It’s the modern cat furniture cats would pick if they had any choice. The overhead playground consists of a lot of wooden pieces and bridges that will keep your cat happy and in shape.

Outdoor Catwalk

This one may not fall under the furniture category, but it’s great for your cat nonetheless.

Cat Cabinet

A cabinet that your feline buddy can enter and exit as it wants. Yes, please! That’s the kind of modern cat furniture we all want and need!

Cat Friendly Home

If you want to go all in, this cat-friendly home has all the pieces of modern cat furniture that will transform your home into a cat-friendly spot.