Photoshopped Pictures of a White Cat Sitting Awkwardly Sweep the Web!

A white cat sitting on a step has recently become the latest internet star after thanks to a user home on sick leave.

The photos were all created by an Imgur user known only as Seir, who claims they created the collection of weird and wonderful cat pictures because they have ‘been sick since Tuesday’.

Now the hilarious images show the kitty – who was captured sitting on its back legs, while its front legs rested on the step below – having a series of strange adventures from floating in the clouds to sitting on Donald Trump’s head.

In a message which accompanies the bizarre collection of photos, Seir, who describes him or herself as ‘dog person that lives with a cat’, scribed: ‘It’s my cake day and I have nothing prepared, so I present you this.

‘I’ve also been sick since Tuesday and Netflix and Imgur helped keep me sane…ish, so pity me.’

Cake day is considered the anniversary of the day you created a username on, which is connected to Imgur.

The amusing – and creepy – photos were a huge instant hit on the photo-sharing site, and have received 36,519 views and numerous positive comments since they were posted.

‘I kinda needed this to start up my Saturday morning,’ wrote one Imgur member.

Another stated: ‘This was surprisingly pleasing and enjoyable! Thanks for the tour and feel better.’

And one Imgur user merely stated: ‘Ahhahhah a aha ha haahahaah haha ha hah’.

However, not everyone seemed to be impressed by Seir’s handiwork.

Imgur user Bryanst bluntly exclaimed: ‘These people have way too much time on their hands, and creativity.’

And user mowgli76 wondered: ‘Did the cat approve these pictures?’.