Family Rescues Baby Bobcat But Gets Way More Than They Bargained For …

George wanted to help as many as the animals as he could and ended up finding a fawn and a baby bobcat.

George, who is a would-be animal rescuer, knew that the wildfire burning through a wooded area near his home would most definitely displace and disrupt the lives of the local wildlife. It was crystal clear to George that neither animal stood a chance, so he brought them both home!

There are actually two theories about wild animals.

One of them is that the animals should be allowed to stay wild and live their lives without human interference.

The second theory one is that we (humans) should do absolutely everything in our power to protect and care for them.

This is the problem George faced, however, he knew that the young animals would have a hard time if he set them free.

Adjusting to life with a bobcat inside the house wasn’t easy. However,, it didn’t take long very long at all for everyone to realize that the bobcat was just grateful to be safe and sound!

The longer the two animals remained, the more everyone realized how hard it would be to let them go.

They ended up naming the Bobcat Benji – and Benji loves to play in the kitchen with George’s son (watch the video to see)!

Even the fawn seems to have adjusted to life with Benji!

Both the fawn and Benji even settled into a an oddly peaceful coexistence with the family’s domesticated cat and dog!

WARNING: Don’t try any of this at home!